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Pennsylvania, USA


Woodward Skatepark Philly(Updated Nov 2009)
Franklin Mills Mall
1455 Franklin Mills Circle, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19154
Phone: (215) 612-6836

There is a 4ft spine mini ramp, hipped to a 4ft mini ramp. There are 3 sort of seperated street course sections; small, medium and large(ramp size-wise) with a lot of ledges and rails. The large section has a nice 4ft launch box, but it is lined up with only a 6ft quarter pipe, so the box is rather useless. Behind the 6ft quarter is the big 13ft vert ramp. The streetcourse sections have a nice flow into each other. The medium section flows into the large section via a nice hip. Helmets required.

  FDR Skatepark
Underneath RT 95
(Near the Spectrum)
Philadelphia, PA

All cement under RT 95. Also a seperate metal 12ft Vert ramp. This place has thee maddest of flow. I cant even begin to describe it so, go check out their website to see all of the terrain. Spring 2002, a 5ft half-pipe added.

Never forget 9-11-01
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