New York, USA

  Drop-In Skatepark (updated Oct 2008)
#143 Route 59 East, Building 4E
Hillburn, NY 10931 USA

Oct 2008: We have pix of the new location!
Nov 2006: In 2005, Drop-In relocated, crossing the border into New York. We will have the latest pictures soon!
The floor is a fine grade asphalt(same as the old location had). Yes, thats right, a blacktop in an indoor skatepark. 4ft mini. Lotsa ledges. One round rail. pryamid. Wedge kickers. Roll-in. Bank ramps. A few 6ft quarter pipes. A newer area with 3 steps and an awkward long steep pyramid and ledges and banks. Helmet required if under 18. No bikes.

  Hudson Skatepark (Heliport) (Updated Oct 2008)
30th street
Manhattan, NY
Westside Highway at 30th street

Oct 2008: We have pix of the new location!.
Nov 2006: Hudson River Park’s Skate Park has been relocated to the area just north of 30th Street (and just north of the Heliport).
This is another new city-run park. So it is FREE. Its drawing attraction is the HUGE BOWL with pool coping. The "shallow" end is 9ft and the deep end is 12ft. There is also a 4(maybe 5ft) multi-level mini with spine. The streetcourse has a few different boxes and pyramids with ledges along with quarter pipes and banks ranging from 4ft to 8ft. Helmets required. Closes at dusk. No Bikes. After labor day, it's only open on the weekends, from 11am-7pm.

  Chelsea Piers Skatepark (Closed August 2006)
Pier 62
entrance at 23rd street

Nov 2006: Chelsea Piers has informed us that the skatepark officially CLOSED at the end of August 2006 and pier 62 was returned to the Husdon River Park Trust. Construction is about to begin on the new Chelsea Waterside park, "Chelsea Cove", due to open in 2009, which will include a SKATEPARK!

Summer 2003: 6ft pipe extended and one side is a spine that goes into the park. A bell-shaped ledge and some new driveways added.

All ramps resurfaced for 2002. 12ft Vert ramp. 6ft pipe. Vert wall, 1/4pipes. Combo ramp/bauer box. Spine. Bank ramps. 4ft micro pipe. 2 Launchboxes. Few rails. Helmets required. Bikes allowed. Admission is $12.50 with Chelsea Piers photo ID card(one-time fee of $10). Closes at dusk.

  Riverside Skatepark (new pix page Oct 2003)
Riverside Park
entrance at 108th street (Take 1,9 train to 110 str.)

10ft Vert ramp with 11ft ext. 6ft pipe/spine with 7ft ext. Vert wall, 1/4pipes. Combo ramp/bauer box. Roll-over.Bank ramps. two-tier grind box. 4ft micro pipe. Couple rails. Helmets required, but this park is now FREE!!! Open Wednesday-Sunday. Closes at 7PM. (Closed Monday and Tuesday). Now closed for the winter season. It will re-open in the spring.

  X-Ramps Skatepark (Updated Nov 2006)
(Bought and renamed Underground Skatepark)
20th street(btw 3rd & 4th)

Nov 2006: In 2005, X-Ramps was bought and renamed Underground Skatepark. As of May 2006, they closed down and are in the process of relocating. This place is kewl! Small, but designed well! Its like two levels connected with roll-ins. And there's a secret room! with small 1/4pipes the length of its walls. 6ft pipe. Vert wall, 1/4pipes. Combo ramp/bauer box. 4ft Roll-ins.Bank ramps. 4ft micro pipe/spine. Couple rails. XRamps just opened in Sept 2001, so the ramps are very SMOOTH! Helmets required.

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