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New Jersey, USA
22 Skateparks
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Freedom Skatepark
86 Union Street
(1 block south of Route 70. From Rt 70, make right onto Jones Rd)
Medford, New Jersey USA
1-609-654-2512 panoramic view), directions and important info abt getting an entrance pass)

One of the best public township skateparks in NJ. 48ft-wide 6ft miniramp! Pyramid with built-in steps/rail. 6ft corner bowl. Cement ledges topped with metal. 6ft spine, various rails. REALLY fun park! Only thing it lacks...launchbox. Helmet required. Check out Team Flipside pix from there.


Vert Planet
1585A Rt 73
South Pennsauken, New Jersey USA

Sept. 2005 UPDATE: This park has apparently been closed for the last two years.
Spine, mini ramp, pyramid, bauer box, launchbox, and ledges. Helmet required. Bikes allowed.

  Lakewood Incline Club 
485 Locust Street
Lakewood, New Jersey USA

New bowl is now open!. Mini ramp, spine ramp, launchbox "rhythm" section. roll-in, vert wall. FOAM PIT!! The Vert ramp is still under construction. Helmet AND knee/elbow AND wristguards required. Bikes allowed.
  Acme Skatepark (updated Nov 2006)
1 South main St.
Toms River, New Jersey USA

Nov 2006: This park has been closed down.
3 parks in one.(mini,midi & big) Big park has a vert, bowl, spine, bauerboxes, 1/4pipes and rails. Mini & midi parks have 1/4pipes, mini ramps and bank ramps. Helmet required. Bikes allowed.

  Extremes In-line skate club
Chimney Rock Road
Bridgewater, New Jersey USA

February 2003: Extremes permanently shut down the skatepark section.
6ft 1/2pipe, spine ramp, 1/4pipes, banks, vert wall, wide 8ft 1/4pipe attached to 1/2pipe. They dont take care of this place too well. Helmet required.

  Carteret Skatepark
(behind Carteret Police Station)
Carteret, New Jersey USA

3ft 1/4pipe, 4ft 1/4pipes, flat bank, small 3 side pyramid, tall pryamid, box, 2ft launch, 4 ft launchbox with bauer ledge. FREE admission, Helmet required.

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