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New Jersey, USA
22 Skateparks
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  Clifton Skatezone Skatepark
85 Third Street
Clifton, New Jersey USA

This is another New Jersey township skatepark. Some 1/4pipes, bauerbox, startbox with rail, flybox, manual box and a couple other rails. Helmets and pads required. Bikes allowed on scheduled days. Dont really know much about this park, as we havent skated it yet. But they asked if we could link them, so here ya go.

  Hackettstown Skate Arena
13 Route 57
Hackettstown, New Jersey USA

February 2003: New pix! Click here to see them.
6foot 1/2pipe, lotsa 1/4pipes ranging from 3foot to 8foot. The 8foot drops into the 4foot launchbox(nice transition on it!)Lotsa flyboxes, ledges and rails, pryamid/bauer box...this place is HUGE. Helmet required. Bikes allowed. Sessions are about 4 or 5 hrs for $10.

  Rex Plex Skatepark 
(located next to IKEA in Newark, New Jersey USA)

January 2003: they resurfaced both the vert and the 4ft mini.
click here
March 2002 they added a new 2nd skatepark. It has: a big wide 10ft 1/4pipe. 3ft launch box. Couple boxes with ledges. Pyramid. Flat banks. 1/4pipes ranging from 4-10ft. Couple rails. The original skatepark still has: 4ft 1/4 with hip and bowl corner. 60' long pyramid structure with 2 hips, ledges and hand rails. Two banks(4ft and 6ft). Moveable kickers and benches. And of course there's the HUGE 13ft Vert! And the 4ft mini ramp w/a 5ft extension and roll-in. Helmet required. Wednesday special: any session is only $8. Otherwise its $12-$14 for a 2 hour session.

Only pix we have for now
  Mountain Creek Skatepark
"Gravity Park"
200 Route 94
Vernon, New Jersey 07462 USA

Sept. 2005 UPDATE: This park has apparently been closed for the last two years.
Now open for summer 2002. Nothing new that i know of. Summer 2001 was moved to new spot and some new ramps added. Helmet required. Bikes allowed. Closed for winter, opens up again in the spring. But the mountain is open for snowboarding during winter.

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