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New Jersey, USA
22 Skateparks
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Click for more pix(2004 new pix)
  Hillsborough Skatepark (new pix as of July 2004)
(at the end of Pleasant View Road in AnnVansMiddleworth Park)
Hillsborough, New jersey USA
More pix(new) & details

7-11-04: The entire park has been repainted in a blazing flame motif, heh. The launchbox has been repaired and resurfaced, and put properly back into place....finally. Lotsa 1/4pipes ranging from 4foot to 8foot. 4ft launchbox, spine, flybox, wide pyramid, launchramp, bank ramp, long box, rails and even a corner bowl! July2001 extensions added onto cornerbowl. FREE admission. Helmet AND knee/elbow pads required. (Props to ray-ray, heh).

  Clinton Skatepark (new park as of June 2003)
Red Schoolhouse Road
Clinton, New Jersey USA
(off Rt 31 south, near North Hunterdon High School)

(UPDATE: This park was taken down and turned into a playground in 2009. Shame! But Shields skatepark is just 5 minutes down the road.)
Brand new skatepark as of June 2003. There is a strange bowl, that is like a bowl lifted up on one end. The higher end is about 6ft and the lower is 4ft, with a narrow spine that goes into the park. One box with curved transistions. Flat driveway and pyramid with ledges. Two rails, Beginner section with combo box with ledges. Helmets required. This park is FREE. Closes at dusk.

  Edison Skatepark (new park as of May 2003)
at the end of Municipal Road
Edison, New Jersey USA
(off of Rt 27 south, by the Edison Police Station)

Brand new skatepark as of May 2003. 5ft mini connected to a 5ft bowl. 1/4pipes ranging from 4ft to 6ft. Driveways and pyramid with rails. Nice 4ft Launch box, but nothing substantial lined up with it, just a 5ft flat bank. 3ft spine. Grind box. Nice long mellow round kink rail. Helmets and pads required. Bikes allowed. Closes at dusk.

  Somerville Skatepark (pix of new mini Oct 2003)
Veterans Drive
Somerville, New Jersey USA
(behind the firehouse)

Sept 2003: 6ft mini and some 1/4pipes added in a seperate area.
Brand new skatepark as of May 2002. Built on a tennis court. It's small, but seems to be real smooth with a nice flow. 1/4pipes ranging from 4ft to 8ft.
Big vert wall. Flat banks. Spine/rhythm section. Pyramid/bauer box. Launch box has a split transistion? Like two transistions, one pushed in further...weird. Helmets required. 'Bikes-only' on Sundays and Tuesdays.
One-time fee of $30. They have lights, but dont use them during the school year. ummm??? So it closes at dusk from Sept till June.

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