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New Jersey, USA
22 Skateparks
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  Hopewell Skatepark (added June 2005)
Scotch Road(next to the Police Station)
Hopewell, New Jersey USA

This park just opened in the Fall of 2004. It is a small but nicely constructed and layed out park. 4ft mini, hipped to a 4ft 1/4. A couple flyboxes with ledges and rails. 3-step box. An angled full metal grind box. A couple stand-alone rails. A Nice curved cement "bench" with coping on both the lower and upper parts. Fun park with some stuff you don't see in other parks. Helmet required.


Burlington Skatepark (added June 2005)
RT254 to Columbus Rd
Left on Old York Rd. Right on Neck Rd
Centre Road. Goto end, Left to the Park
Burlington, New Jersey USA

This park is about to be closed down permenantly after only being built 2years ago, and the reasoning is quickly apparent. Firstly, all the ramps are practically sunken into the asphalt, as if they were put in while the new asphalt was still drying. This makes for a terrible transition from ramp to ground. There is a narrow 6ft 1/2pipe with a funky transition and bottom that is too long. A 4ft launchbox that is useless, as it's lined up with a 5ft 1/4pipe. Boxes and pyramids that are way too steep. Some nice round kink rails though. The park was closed the day we were there, so it may already be shut down for good.


Sayreville Skatepark (added May 2005)
Exit 124 off Garden State Parkway,
left off ramp to a right onto Washington Road
in Kennedy Park(across from the high school)
Sayreville, New Jersey USA

All cement park. Street course section with a rail made of some soft metal(top center is grinded down inward, length-wise, so the long egdes stick up, almost sharp. A few different types of ledges. The street course is tiny and too tight overall. Between it and the bowl section is a small strip that has a triangle-shaped grind box and a square rail. The bowl section is one big clover-shaped bowl, with a sort of 5ft mini on one part, and a spine/hip sticking out of the other 8ft side with a sort of bump/launchboxish-like thing next to the spine. There are a few roll-in like parts, in addition to the coping. Helmets required. FREE Admission. Bikes allowed.

  Moorestown Skatepark (added August 2004)
1250 North Church Street
Moorestown, New Jersey USA
(off Rt 38 West from exit 40 on RT295)

6ft mini(nice and wide). Grind box. Kink rail. Lots of rails. Set of 8 steps with a rail. Flat driveways with rails, ledges and pyramids. 3ft launchbox. Hip. 4-5foot 1/4pipes. Helmets required. This park is FREE. Closes at dusk.

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