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New Jersey, USA
22 Skateparks
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  Shields Skatepark (updated October 2009)
17 Minneakoning Road
Flemington, New Jersey USA

Oct 2009: Shields has moved(not far!) and is now reopened at their new location at 17 Minneakoning Rd in Flemington, NJ. The ramps and layout is the same. We will have pix soon! BRAND NEW skatepark. Just opened August 5th, 2004. 6ft mini with 8ft extensions and spine(nice and wide). 2 Grind boxes. Lots of rails. Set of 6steps with a rail. Flat driveways with rails, ledges and pyramids. Super nice 4ft launchbox lined up with an 8ft 1/4pipe. Hip. A lot of 1/4pipes ranging from 4-8ft. Smaller practice area in front with a lil 3ft spine and 3ft 1/4pipe and pyramid. Helmets required. $12 Admission(NON-Members) for a 3hr session. Bikes allowed for certain sessions.

  Black Diamond Mountain Sports Skatepark (updated Dec 2006)
(previously Overboard, previously Vans)

400 Route 38
Space 170(Next to the GAP)
Moorestown, New Jersey 08057 USA
1-856-235-7602(Moorestown Mall)

Dec 2006: Under new ownership yet again by the way of "Black Diamond Mountain Sports."
Nov 2006: This park closed down and reopened in January 2006, under new ownership, as Overboard Skatepark
June 2005: New additional pix added. The rumours that this park was going to close down are NOT true, according to a worker at the park. It is one of three left out of the original eight that were built across the USA.

Pyramids,bauer boxes, rails, 1/4pipes, bowl, vert. All the typical stuff you see in Vans Parks. Session prices range from $11 to $15($7 to $9 for members). Helmet required. Bikes allowed.

  Drop-In Skatepark (updated Nov 2006)
#143 Route 59 East, Building 4E
Hillburn, NY 10931 USA

Nov 2006: In 2005, Drop-In re-located, crossing the border into New York. We will have the latest pictures soon!
Multi-level 1/2pipe(8ft/6ft/5ft), three 1/4pipes, roll-in and the rest are flat bank ramps. The floor is a fine grade asphalt. Yes, thats right, a blacktop in an indoor skatepark(ehhhh, you street skaters will like it). Lotsa ledges and a few rails, pryamid/bauer box. Could use more 1/4pipes(in place of the flat ramps) and a big fat launchbox, heh! Helmet required. Sessions are 3hrs for $15.

  Chatham Skatepark (added June 2005)
401 Southern Road(next to the Police Station)
Chatham, New Jersey USA

Opened in the Fall of 2003, this park is very similar to the Hopewell park. It's also a small but nicely constructed and layed out park. 4ft mini, hipped to a 4ft 1/4. A couple flyboxes with ledges and rails and pyramid. A 3ft launchbox. 3ft spine. A couple grind boxes. and one stand-alone rail. Helmet required.

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