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California, USA

  Hollywood Sports Skatepark(Updated Oct 2009)
9030 Somerset Blvd
Bellflower, California 90706 USA

Update: Oct 2009 - This park is now closed down.
Site of the 2003 World Championships. Giant 12ft vert. Big 6ft mini. Lots of flat driveways and pyramids. Lots of rails and ledges. Nice big launch box lined up with a roll-in. Helmets and pads required. Bikes allowed. Check the site for the latest hours and fees.

  Skate Street Skatepark(Added Oct 2003)
1954 Goodyear Ave
Ventura, California 93003 USA

Big 6ft bowl with hip and spine that connects to an open-ended bowl that has heights varying from 6ft to 12ft. Nice launchbox hip combo.(Diego and Pipo were rodeo'ing it like nobody's bizness!) 5ft mini. One round handrail. Handful of different ledges. Helmets required. Bikes allowed. See the site for fees.

  Robb Field Skatepark(Added Oct 2003)
2525 Bacon Street
San Diego, California USA

This is a HUGE 40,000 sq ft cement park. Lots of bowls, hips, spines, with and without coping. There is a big square rail. Also a rail on the pyramid near the entrance. There is also a seperate mini(very mini) snake-run for beginners. Helmet and all pads required Fee: $5/day or $30/yr. Closes at dusk.

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