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Audubon new 2011 setup!
NEW! 2011 Audubon Skatepark setup!

NEW! Logan Square Skatepark Chicago
NEW! Logan Square Skatepark in Chicago

09-23-11: Audubon Skatepark in Elk Grove Village, IL has just re-opened with a totally new setup! Check it out here.

02-16-11: Wrigley Field Ice Rink and Asylum Skatepark added to the Illinois section!

10-12-09: Shields Skatepark in Flemington, New Jersey has moved and is reopened at their new location!

04-01-09: The Logan Square Skatepark in Chicago, Illinois is now officially open!!!

03-24-09: The Logan Square Skatepark in Chicago, Illinois is about 90% done and skateable!

10-19-08: Updates for two New York parks: Drop In Skatepark and the Hudson Skatepark

08-21-08: Check out the 17 new pictures we've added to Chicago's Wilson Skatepark, in the Illinois section!

07-20-08: For all of you skateboarders that stop by to check out the skateparks we have, you can now buy your favorite skatepark decks! For starters, we now have Character decks, just as you have seen, if you have been to Chicago's Wilson Skatepark. Keep checking back as we will be adding decks from other skateparks! We've also added another skatepark, St Charles, to the Illinois section. Both Audubon Skatepark and WARP Skatepark are now open again. We will have the new pictures soon!

05-12-08: Check out the Illinois section for the latest status on both Audubon Skatepark and WARP Skatepark

04-22-08: Two Chicago area or "Chicagoland", if you prefer, (Illinois) indoor parks are TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Check out the Audubon Skatepark page. And the WARP Skatepark page.

02-14-08: If you would like to see Audubon Skatepark get heat and not have to be closed on the extremely cold days, call the Elk Grove Village Parks Department at 1-847-437-9494 and complain about it!


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