Flipside USA hookin' the world up, holiday style in Chicago! Riders: Wesley Clouden, Tory Silvers, Kara Guire, Keith Autocunas. Music: Mark Madsen - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. 4mins 52sec.

Great promo video for the 2007 World Championships that were held in Hamburg, Germany. Music: Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - I Got So Much Trouble in My Mind.

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'Crescent Fresh Antics'(USA Ed.) trailer. Flipside USA's debut video features gravity-defying footage from the 2003 World Champs in California and around the world and even original music from the far-reaches of New Zealand! Available on both DVD and VHS. 35mins.

Flipside USA's Kara Guire snakeboarding (aka pivotboarding, streetboarding) at Shields Skatepark in New Jersey, USA. Music: Pucho - Got Myself A Good Man.

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New Jersey's been snakin' it up since way back when. This time, it's Rich Pierce snakeboarding at Hackettstown Skatepark in NJ 1996. Music: Sugar Ray - Fly.

New Jersey's been snakin' it up since way back when. Rich Pierce snakeboarding at Extremes Skatepark in NJ 1996.

A contributed Aussie video...

  Trick: 50-50 to blind 180 out
Rider: Ben Buchanan
Where: Sydney, Australia

Video Reviews

Here's one lil video for now...

  Trick: Nose manual
Rider: Kara Guire
Where: X Ramps - Brooklyn, NY USA

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