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Snakeboarding is easy to learn. Once you've mastered the basics you have quick steering and total control in any direction. Snakeboarding is such a new way to move that it may appear to be difficult - but, with a little instruction, most people get the motion in half an hour. The key advantage of the Snakeboard is that riders can generate a forward motion, even uphill, from a standstill position without their feet ever touching the ground. The Snakeboard's steerability makes it easy to maneuver and fun to ride.
-Place feet outward on each footplate.
-Turn toes in. Turn toes out.
-Start with your toes in and both of your arms to one side of your body.
-Turn your toes out and swing your arms in the direction you want to move.
-Turn your toes in and swing both arms back to position #4
-Repeat steps #4-6 until you have achieved a fluid forward movement.

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Instructional Video clips

Keep your knees slightly bent. Your upper body and toes must work together. Lean forward when your toes are together and back when your heels are together.


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